improve your Mariage by learnig Fair figting techniques improve your Mariage by learnig Fair figting techniques
Positive Conclicts, How to improve your relationships by handling disputes in a positive and constructive manner

Do You Want to Be Able To Relax and Enjoy Your Relationship Again ?

   Now you can improve your relationships almost immediately without compromising your self-respect or the agreement with your partner. Even if your relationships have already disintegrated and fallen apart because of the high level of conflict, there is still a chance for success!

Could this be your case?

"My brother, after being married twice, got into this huge fight with his new wife and she was gone next day.....we could not help his sorrow at realizing how lonely he was. But, he always wanted to have the last word, in this case to the mirror. Such a pity he would not accept to change the way he understood how relationships work. Finally, he ended up with a serious heartbreak".

Ken C., Tucson

Here are some hard questions but please ,YOU have to answer them honestly:

  • Is there a lot of grief, anger and not enough fun in your relationships?
  • Are you starved for support, recognition and love in your relationship?
  • Are you having more arguments than you can manage?

Now you can improve your relationships almost immediately without compromising your self-respect or the agreement with your partner. Even if your relationships have already disintegrated and fallen apart because of the high level of conflict, there is still a chance for success!

You fear now that the other person will not agree to work with you in repairing the relationship? Well, don’t worry about that any longer! You need two to have a dispute, but to repair your relationship, you need only one -- YOU, and this book will tell you how.

The best part of the POSITIVE CONFLICT METHOD is that other people in your life don't have to change!

You don't have to ask anyone to do a anything, because they will do It spontaneously, responding to the way you will be framing the relationship!

Have you considered that what you have been doing up until now may have composed the problem, hurting the ones you care the most, without you knowing?
Your partner will only exhibit the best part of him/herself, once you stop doing things they can perceive as fighting and quarrelling, and begin offering positive framing's where they can feel happy and satisfied.

Please, Read on!
Most of the conversations that people have in relationships that fail, consist of reacting automatically to each other and “pushing each other's buttons.” You can predict which couple will end up divorcing, by the kind of disputes they have in the first three months of marriage!

When frustration builds up, we don’t know better than to escalate by being angry, oppositional and violent. WE WANT TO BE RIGHT! But, demanding, challenging and requesting that the other changes first, is a dead end.

“After eight years of living together, we were at odds end; I was closed and distant and she was acting really depressed. I could not trust that she would listen to me, and she was acting more and more scared of me…..But the idea of separation was even worse. Getting some help was not easy, because for my friends, leaving her was a slam dunk decision. I had to look around and find some help with my way of framing my thoughts in my conversations with her, in the Positive Conflicts Electronic Book. What a difference it made! At last, both had some hope that we could communicate at a more personal level, and she began trusting me, and opening up what was her disappointment with me.”

Albert G. (Telluride, CO)

Consequently, if you stop nagging, reacting with rage and frustration and change your behaviors into POSITIVE CONFLICT NOW, your partner will automatically react differently. There is a simple, yet effective, process to manage disputes even before they appear.

Discover how to:

  • Understand what is going on under any fight, effectively reducing your fears.
  • Stop having your buttons pushed by others and reacting with anger, because you will know what is really going on.
  • Avoid unleashing other people’s emotional reactions, but still be able to discuss the issues.
  • Frame all situations into positive definitions, that will prove of value to both parties.
  • Determine what actions you need to do to solve confrontations.
  • Build strength and confidence in your skills, because you will know how to handle all type of conflicts.
  • Experience higher self-esteem and a much more satisfying life.
  • Gain INTERPERSONAL POWER every step of the way.

You can be sure that this process of POSITIVE CONFLICTS will WORK for you!

This is something different - REALLY different. This is something that you probably haven't even thought of yet.

It puts your usual ideas about how to resolve conflict under a new light, and teaches you guerrilla tactics to identify and build on the positive aspects of the relationship and avoid escalating negative confrontations.

Here is Jim’s real story:
“I had been waiting to have a good relationship the last fifteen years, dating different women, when I met Isabella. She was different, and blew my heart away from the beginning. But we fought a lot, and while I tried my best to be always calm and reasonable, she began seeing me as uncaring and selfish. I was pretty desperate, trying to convince her of my love and getting systematically rejected. As much as I tried, she would not even accept to talk to me about us, and our relationship! She decided to close me out of her life and feelings, and I was completely crushed, but at the same time doing things that were harassing her. And then, someone talked to me about the Positive Conflicts book, and I began to see things in a different perspective. Now, I know how to use my words to come across as firm but seriously caring, and she listens to me, and even developed a new interest in spending her life with me. All the while I thought that was being calm and rational, I was coming across to her as cold and calculating! but now I know how to express myself in the most positive way!

Let's face it- relationships are emotional processes, where logic has little to do. But If you don’t learn how to express yourself in an emotionally effective way, you are as good as a mute person!

As Human being you need a lot of caring, warm and supportive connections in order to live a happy and long life. Many studies confirm that people in intimate, emotionally-sound relationships live longer and happier lives than others. In this way, connected people share the highs of each other’s successes and the low of each other’s disappointments, because they are emotionally available to each other. But constant fighting erodes this support and can leave you frustrated, sad and isolated. Being able to nurture an emotionally-sound relationship becomes a matter of survival and communicating in a positive way the key to enhancing your happiness quotient. And your overall degree of health too!

What happens is that we begin relationships with positive emotions (love and respect) but when conflict appears, and we don’t manage it well, we end up with broken relationships and a lot of anger and sadness. Failure to connect and bond is very frightening because leaves us open to feelings of helplessness and isolation.

All the while, when we need the most some positive recognition from others, what we keep building up are negative perceptions and failure images! This is a destructive spiral that leads us into despair.

If this makes sense, here are three things for you to consider:

  • Negative emotions get imprinted in us, and pop up frequently without our awareness (Unfortunately, we don’t realize how frequent this is.)
  • Negative feelings can shape ours, and theirs perceptions, so perpetuating this cycle of miscommunication-breakup-loneliness. (And we don’t realize how this is happening).
  • It’s the way we express and frame our perceptions that builds a negative interaction that scares people away. When they need and expect recognition, we give them negative appreciations!


How much is keeping your present relationship worth? And being secure in your other relationships, at work, with bosses, friends? What about the other people in your life for whom it might be important to repair and keep a good relationship ... like your siblings, parents or friends?

The quality of your life depends on the quality of the relationships you have with other people. This investment of only thirty nine dollars is REALLY not expensive, considering that it will make your relationships work better for ever. Because you will manage every other relationship better, with the learning from this one reading, this is an excellent investment in your future emotional health! You seed an excellent emotionally enriching relationship to survive and thrive!

The choice is NOW YOURS: it’s either the price of a small expense, like having a caffe latte each morning, for two weeks, or your life, or a new life richer life, where your relationships are in line with your own dreams.

Are you ready to change your life forever?

Not yet?, keep reading!

The POSITIVE CONFLICTS book will show you, step by step how to defuse hostility, confront with care and respect, and start making all your relationships better.

The real questions are:

  • Do you really want to keep your present relationships as miserable as they are now?
  • Do you just only want to complain about how bad and frustrating they are, and show your war wounds to your friends? Or do you really want to be happier?
  • What does your intuition tell you? Can you listen to your need to be appreciated and loved?

If you could turn the clock back to when you two first met, would you like to begin the story knowing how to build a much stronger, substantial and mature relationship as well?

If you believe that this is the right person for you, consider these points:

If you are resigned to your loss, STOP!

  • If you think it's too late, it's not.
  • If you "know" that it's hopeless, it's not.
  • If you've given up, don't.
  • If you're convinced that your partner would never want to come back, think again.
  • If you want your relationship back, you can have it, and as good as, and maybe better that it has ever been.

“I thought that all was lost with my partner, after six months of silence and all kind of recriminations…the magic was gone, and I was trapped in this cold and empty marriage…To my desperation, our confrontations had only one meaning: that our relationship was a total failure. I had sleepless nights, all kind of gastric symptoms and an overall depressive feeling about my life and my bleak future without him. It was at that moment when I had a conversation with a co-worker and she recommended POSITIVE CONFLICTS to me…..I was able to read it all in a day, and began applying the basic ideas the same evening. His face changed and for the first time in months, he was listening to me! Now we are talking about how to help each other apply the concepts, so we can use them to strengthen our relationship…neither of us wants a break up, we are afraid of that because we know that is a communication issue between basically two good people that wish to stay together…”

Ilse, Brattleboro, Vt.


The book will show you how to make it happen.

The book is very easy to read, has very few concepts, theories and complex explanations, but it does have step-by-step instructions for repairing damaged relationships RIGHT NOW!

Because you want to repair your relationship,
not read about how it should work….

We've included some explanations, so that you have a basic understanding of what you'll be doing but instinctively, you'll probably understand it anyway because the process is logical, even though we don't normally think that way.

Remember, we're not very logical when it comes to establishing and maintaining our relationships. We only use logic to find excuses for being defensive and to justify why the relationship isn't working.

In this book you'll learn:

  • The exact steps to repair your relationship independently of the other person’s explicit consent - in fact your partner doesn't even have to know that you're repairing the relationship right in front of them.
  • Exactly what to do and say, more importantly what not to do and what not to say.
  • That it doesn't matter how long you've been fighting, how long or how much you "hated" each other, or how much bad baggage you're carrying from the past.

If you want to keep your relationship alive and make it a healthy one, the POSITIVE CONFLICTS process will work for you.


If you're not happy with your relationship and choose to leave without ordering the book, fine. Just don't leave because you think that you'll find a better solution because most likely you will not. If you keep doing the same things as always, you will get the same results as always.

The Divorce rate for second marriages is much higher than for first ones. Before you decide to quit, check if you have all the necessary positive answers to the following questions:

  • Do you know what you're going to do differently or how different you're going to be in your next relationship?
  • How do you know if your new approach in your new relationship will work?
  • Do you actually have that new approach worked out, even tried out with everybody else or are you hoping that you'll find a perfectly matched soul mate?
  • If you have a new approach and haven't tested it yet, how can you know if your self-confidence has improved?

If your answers are negative, repair this relationship first and then if you want to go, go. This failed relationship will help you try the techniques without regret. Then at least you are assured that you aren't going to repeat the same mistakes.


“I had some different ideas about being in conflicts fearing that it always included losing your loved POSITIVE CONFLICTS am very happy and relieved to find such a wonderful resource that teaches me otherwise. It can assert what I think without being afraid of being left alone”.

--C.M. New Orleans,

“I was a little skeptical of the idea of 'positive conflicts', (how could it be? conflicts are always destructive and negative, and have to be avoided at all costs!) but anyhow ordered your Electronic Book and browsed through it, to see if the contents would interest me. I really loved it! Now, I can respect myself and my values, respect others and also keep my relationships in good health! What a relief! I’m very grateful for this help!”

--T.N. Naples, FL.

“I have been perceived as a difficult person all my life, and now I was able to identify what was wrong in my approach to others….What a turn-around! My relationships have begun to reverse 180 degrees and moving in the RIGHT direction! This is the way I always wanted to connect with others, so my heartfelt thanks to you”.

--N.P. Washington, DC

“I always assumed that I would be unhappy in my marriage, that nobody could get all the respect; space and love needed, because those ideas were too romantic and not based on reality. I’ve read some other books, but your ideas are radically different from the others. I’ve never read anything like it. Now, things are slowly improving. I finally think that I can control in a positive way what happens!”.

--B.D. West Palm Beach

“Our marriage now is working; and becoming more real day by day! After so much fighting that I was both hopeless to remain married, but very afraid of loneliness, I found this book. I’m making the changes, with no previous notice, and can see her reactions now going in the best possible way. And she even doesn’t know what happened to us, and I keep the secret from her, because I want the power of making positive changes…. Thank you so much”.

--S.R. Dayton, Ohio

"I am amazed with your fresh and direct approach! After reading POSITIVE CONFLICTS, I have a whole new outlook on how I was "attacking people" in my relationships…. without having the least idea of what was going on! Now, I am prepared to apply the fair fighting techniques in order to have a good marriage. I tried the techniques also at work, and they produced beautiful effects on my co-workers".

--M.M. Syracuse, N.Y.

And this letter about a "hopeless case":
“My husband had told me that he wanted to live by himself; after 26 years of marriage, and I was devastated, because I knew that we were fighting too much, saying destructive things and in completely opposite sides of the issues. I was feeling despondent, lonely and terrified of the future even before his notice. I cried for almost a week, before calming down and beginning to think on what to do to save my marriage. I went to my priest and then to a counselor, and both were adamant on helping me to accept the situation, which to them was hopeless. They even suggested that he had another person waiting for him......

I told my children that I did not want a divorce, and I would behave differently if I had the techniques. I found your Electronic Book, so immediately I began reading it and making sense of what was my mistaken behavior. When we got together to discuss the future, I asked him to give me, and the marriage another chance. I was trying the techniques with him, then and there! Even in a tentative way, the techniques had some effects, because he was listening and answering sincerely to me. This approach has changed me from despair to hope. I know it will involve lots of changes, but keeping him and our marriage are worth it. I gave the book to him, so he can know also how to fight with fairness. With my gratitude, Wendy in Salt Lake City.”


You’ll discover:

  • How to communicate different positions with respect .
  • How to use conflict to deepen your relationship and appreciate better what the other has to give.
  • What the rules for fighting fair are, and how you can apply them.
  • Why arguing is a waste of time--and the amazingly simple secret to get around it.
  • How to become a team, even when you feel like confronting.
  • Why “winning” a fight is so destructive to a relationship. You need to avoid winning!
  • How to deal with problems involving sex or money.
  • How to make paradigm shifts (literally, quantum leaps!) in the relationship.
  • Much, much more about how to transform your communication.
  • In short, how to have excellent relationships.

In the Electronic Book you will discover the information, skills, and understanding you need to make any relationship work. This information isn't’t available anywhere else! These strategies have been developed over the years, and they work.


Your No-Risk 3 Month Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Thatís right! Take 3 months to use and examine my crucial information, and techniques. Thatís 90 days to put these valuable strategies to work on your Relationships.

Try the techniques yourself. Try as many of the tips as you can. Once you have used these strategies on your relationships, Iím confident that youíll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you arenít satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations. Just send me an email and I will refund your payment. Right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee. No questions, No hassle.

Positive Conflicts is available via instant download.
Note: If you order Positive Conflicts online, by Monday th 22nd
it's yours risk-free for an incredibly low $39.00


Are you ready for a change?

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See how easy it is? you can have this important Electronic Book in your computer almost immediately and with very little hassle!

Are you ready for this important and exciting change?
Are you ready to build the relationship
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You could learn how to save your relationship through the long and brutal path of trial and error, and eventually may reach success but there is a better way.

Here Are Two More Quotes:

“My new significant other sent me a copy of your Electronic Book about positive conflicts and I don't know how to express my gratitude, or how I feel about it, other than to just say that you Neil shocked me! How can you have this frame of mind; get away with it and be successful, is amazing to me. I was convinced within the very first chapter as I could see the truth of it in my own life and relationship".

"Since I found your Electronic Book, it not only affirmed my decision to stay put now, (because beginning with a new partner only to make the same mistakes as before is so silly!) but helped me to see things in a clearer perspective. Just for trying it out, I have used your ideas with everybody around, friends, coworkers, family, my boss, and most importantly with my children, only to be more amazed at the changes in their responses. this is a magical key missing from my life, many thanks for it".

--A.J. Miami, FL

“I would love to say that, looking at the techniques, what I regret is not knowing them soon enough...I could have saved myself lots of loneliness and emotional pain, and even now they can do some good in my life, after 60".

--T.J., Athens

I personally guarantee that this information will transform your relationships.

All I ask is that you give the principles a try for one month. If you aren’t happy with the contents of POSITIVE CONFLICTS, I will refund your money at any time within 90 days. Why? The principles are simple enough to implement in less than a month, but give them some time to make a difference.

In this way, you are perfectly secure that you have enough time to do a good decision, after having the Electronic Book downloaded to your computer, you will have time to read, learn and apply the concepts to your situation.

I know relationships can be transformed by fighting fair, and I know the information provided is powerful in transforming your relationship. But I want people to discover what I have discovered, I want to share the information with you. The ideas may seem too easy. . . but trust me.

I have seen them transform relationships people thought were hopeless. The ideas are simple and direct--but they are incredibly powerful.

There’s no pressure on your evaluation of the Electronic Book contents, and no way for you to lose anything. As the ideas that it offers to you are so different, you will have ample time to use them. You can also request a refund any time if, after trying these ideas, and for any reason, they don' work for you. Give this positive conflict management approach a good and honest try! You won’t regret it, and there is always the possibility of learning something new. Again, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

to your happiness!

Neil Warner
President and Founder
Creative Conflict Resolutions
3415 Galt OCean Drive
Fort Laurderdale
33308 Florida

P.S. Just think! You’re going to save yourself years of research AND save thousands of dollars, not to mention, eliminating the pain and hassle of trying to figure out who has the best strategies to learn how to confront in a positive, caring way. Now, you can get everything all done for you, practically handed to you on a silver platter wrapped up only for less than thirty dollars. You simply place your order...and you’re on your way to the greatest wisdom of the ages within one minute -- flat!


Here Is One Final Letter:

“This Electronic Book has been such a revelation! I was always blaming others for my relational problems, without realizing that doing so I was giving away my own power of framing the situation in a way more positive for my own needs ....After overcoming this personal shock, I could not stop reading it, and feel so much better about myself and my intentions".

"I can tell you this so far ...I realize now that I have been negative and confrontational with all my relationships, when I could be doing instead more positive framing of both sides of our proposals! But now I feel encouraged knowing that I'm giving personal change my best by reading your Electronic Book, and understand that I have exactly the tools I need to make my important relationship not only more satisfactory, but also full of zest and joy”.

--B. R. Durham, N. C.

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